Monday, October 5, 2015


Eve Nomusa, the French Horn Player

Featured today is Eve Nomusa also known as “Sasa” as her friends used to call her ,from Johannesburg, South Africa ,a very active classical music performer of Dar es Salaam Choral Society & Orchestra (Tanzania) and member of the South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation .

Recently she was in Tanzania along with other musicians from different parts of the world on a memorable Classical music concert to commemorate 150 years of Jean Sibelius the Legend conducted by Hekima Raymond ‘ Maestro’ .

EK: Well done on your performance with Dar Choral Society, can you let us know when did you start to play classical music and what instrument do you usually play ?

EVE: Thank you , well when I was still a kid in primary school I used listening to classical music and it had some pretty interesting effects on my mind (backed by studies) — you could almost call them brain-hacks. it Made me more at ease and open with myself, it Promoted honest communication of my emotions. so that's when I decided that I will play classical music ,I play the French horn.

EK: Why the French horn not other instruments and for how long you have been playing it ?

EVE: Am !! I started playing the french horn in 2006 when I was doing grade 5 in primary school and my teacher was Floyd Machate! one of the greatest horn players! i started playing it after i noticed only one Lady playing french horn in Johannesburg philharmonic orchestra by the name Shannon Labonte then i saw that there was a need of girls Horn player in the band. I learned this instrument by default and then it became my instrument of choice. Just because I saw the need for more girls horn players and I felt in love with the instrument till today.

EK: That’s really interesting, and who motivated you to the music ? is there any other members in your family do music ?

EVE: The person who motivated me to do music was my Mother who is also a musician. Everyone at home besides my dad who is a top athlete does music .One of my young sister is a vocalist and part of the spirit of praise of Benjamin dube , other one is a violinist of RSA Kwaito singers and my young brother is an upcoming drum player .

EK: That’s awesome ,so what do you do besides music ?

EVE: I am a still at the University studying ,also doing modeling, acting and Poetry .Have been acting on some known RSA mzansi stories like zabalaza etc,now we gonna be shooting a musical Movie in Kwa zulu Natal called Shaka zulu with Mbongeni Ngema who was writer and music composer of the Sarafina Film.

EK: That’s really impressive .lastly what special message you do have for the youth in Africa ?

EVE: I say first of all, be proud of your African heritage and cherish your African identity .So I challenge the African youth to be proud of Africa and boldly show off their African pride. Above all, let us all unite and contribute significantly to the development of Africa. Just as Nkrumah put it: the masses of the people of Africa are still crying for unity than ever.

EK: Thank you very much , EK studios wishing you all the best and welcome back to Tanzania again.

EVE: Oh Thank you very much !!!!

Prepared by  Erasmus K ,EK Studios .
Official photographer of Dar Choral Society


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