Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tanzanians urged to maintain kindness to attract tourists - By Vincent Mpepo-OUT

Tanzanians have been urged to maintain kindness behaviour to tourists and other foreigners who are coming in the country for tourism activities as a way to boost the country’s economy through the tourism sector.

The statement was made by Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Professor Jumanne Maghembe during the official opening of the International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality organized by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Open University of Tanzania. 

Minister Maghembe said apart from having good tourism attractions in the country, Tanzanians also need to behave in a good manner so as to attract more tourists who might be good ambassadors to their homelands.

“Tourists expects to meet people who are helpful and supportive in at least giving some explanations or support if needed”, said Prof Maghembe.

He said the government will keep on creating friendly environment in terms of security, protection of the national parks and promoting tourist attractions internationally so as to attract more tourists in the country.

He said in combating poaching the government has continued to strengthen the security in the national parks by employing new security technologies and there is an indication that they have been able to arrest illegal poachers and their network.

“Recently, we have arrested not only small hunters but also the financiers and transporters who were not discovered in the past days”, said the Minister Maghembe.

On the collaboration with higher learning institutions, the minister said the government is willing to collaborate with universities in research areas that will contribute to provision of the solutions to the current challenges.

On his side, the Vice Counselor of the Open University, Prof.Elifas Bisanda said the University is implementing one of its responsibilities in sharing the findings of researches to the community through various presentations from academicians.

“Universities have three functions, teaching, research and consultancy and here we are providing services to the society “, said Prof Bisanda.

He also urged academicians and researchers to do more researches on the challenges that are facing the tourism sector thus providing solutions for the betterment of the country.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for Academics, Professor Deus Ngaruko thanked the Minister for coming and officiating the conference and his assurance to the Open University of Tanzania that his ministry will support the university on the research area.

A two days International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality was organized by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Open University of Tanzania with the support from Arusha International Conference Centre, Serena Hotels, Tanzania National Parks, Leopard Tours Limited, Hyatt Regency and Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre.

Photographs by Erasmus K


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